Architectural technologist

Who are Architectural Technologists / Architectural Technicians?

Architectural Technologists were formerly known as Architectural Technicians. Many people still refer to architectural designers as either Architects or Technicians. Traditionally in an office environment an architect would do the initial concept drawings and administer the contract, but give the rest of the work to Technicians. However many Technicians are perfectly capable of working independently of Architects.

Architectural Technologists are specialists in building design and construction, concerned primarily with the sound technical performance of buildings, practical building methods and design solutions. They can also cover a wide range of services covering all stages from conception through to final certification.

Many Architectural Technologists practice in their own right, Steve Capewell is one of these.


Our Policy

To inform our clients of their rights and our duties under the Act.

We only collect and retain data that is necessary for the work to proceed.

To securely store and distribute our client’s personal information to relevant consultants in order to facilitate the work we are contracted to undertake.

We will never sell on your personal information or use for marketing purposes.

We will remove client’s details from our system, when requested, provided this does not adversely affect our legal rights.

We will provide information at a reasonable request, provided that this is not our intellectual property.

As part of our service we will hand or email our GDPR A5 leaflet.

If a project goes ahead we retain information.

If it does not go ahead we will delete once aware of this (often following a follow up phone call).

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